US Paragliding Team

is a Nevada Non Profit Corporation. The Corporation has 501(c)3 status so ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. The Corporation was established to help cover the expenses of  the U. S. Paragliding Team’s participation in the FAI Paragliding World Championships and the Red Bull X-Alps, held every two years.

The team pilots are amateurs who compete in paragliding competitions at their own expense. At the end of the two year period and based on the parameters set by the international paragliding competition sanctioning body FAI/CIVL, each country is allotted a certain number of paraglider pilots who can compete at the Paragliding World Championships. The Paragliding World Championships are a two week long event. Besides being mentally and physically demanding,  there is a substantial financial commitment.  We estimate that the actual cost of sending the 2015 U. S. Paragliding Team to the World Paragliding Championships and RedBull X-Alps will be approximately $46,000.00. It is up to us to help lighten the burden on our team and teams to come. Please show some pride in our team and help the cause by donating to this Non-Profit Corporation.

As of 2009, US Paragliding Team, Inc. has added the Red Bull XAlps one of the official events for which it provides financial support to American Pilots participating in the event.

It is the purpose of this Non-Profit Corporation to raise funds through donations. All Officers and Directors of this corporation are volunteers. All the money raised through this Non-Profit Corporation will be used exclusively for the benefit of the U. S. Paragliding Team. It is our goal to cover all or most of the expenses of our team, including but not limited to, competition entry fees, airfare, transportation, lodging, food and misc expenses. The funds will be distributed equitably among the team members upon submission of expense reports. 

Board of Directors and Officers

Matt Beechinor - President and Director
Bill Belcourt - Vice-President and Chairman of the Board of the Directors
Tony Lang - Founder, Director, Treasurer and Secretary

The Board of Directors is comprised of pilots and some past team members who donate their time to help manage the US Paragliding Team, a Nevada Non-Profit Corporation. We would like to recognize and thank Tony Lang, who founded the Corporation in 2006, for all he has done for the US Paragliding Team over the past years. Tony has been a critical part of the organization and we are lucky to have had him spend the time and energy to help the US Team grow as an organization.

Bill Belcourt has been a large part of the US Paragliding Team over the last 6 years. He was a member of the 2007 Team that went to Australia to compete in the Worlds there. He put in a lot of work for the team for the 2009 World Championships in Valle De Bravo, Mexico.

Matt Beechinor joined our Board of Directors after being a part of the 2009 US Paragliding Team which competed in the World Championships in Valle De Bravo. Matt's contribution to our board of directors has been invaluable, contributing his expertise in web design, site maintenance and fund raising.